Its place embedded in management and the boardroom can't be dismissed, with it a core part of business initiatives, impacting investments and opportunities. Simultaneously, the personal liability attached to Directors, Officers and the Executive to address cyber security is only increasing. Despite its potential as a business enabler, the ability of organisations to leverage it effectively can vary. RedBelts enable organisations to do so, daily. We bring a mindset shift in the way cybersecurity risk is managed, from traditional risk management to cyber resilience, addressing it from an operational, fiscal, reputational, regulatory, technical and business integrity mindset. We partner with leaders, understanding their want and need for their organisations to expand and grow, assisting in implementing cybersecurity as an integral part of their plans, to support their business ambitions.
RedBelts - Inspect-


    A comprehensive service to assess third party/ vendor risk before you become operationally reliant or share data.
    How It Works?
    For a fixed price, we evaluate:
    • Security Measures: We assess how secure the vendor really is.
    • Access Control: We examine who has access to what data.
    • Data Transmission: We ensure that data is transferred securely.
    Why It's Important?
    We help you understand your risks before you commit to a vendor.
RedBelts - Radar (2)


    A monitoring service for your third parties/vendors to keep you informed.
    How It Works?
    We alert you if a third party/vendor experiences a confirmed compromise or data breach.
    Why It's Important?
    This enables you to act quickly, protecting both your business, your clients and your reputation.
RedBelts - vCISO


    Your go-to for expert advice, strategy, and support in cybersecurity and risk management.
    How It Works?
    We offer:
    • Expert advice and strategy: On-demand, quantified, clearly and relevantly communicated.
    • Remediation Support: Helping to get you back on track if things go wrong.
    • Security Review: A thorough check of your current security measures.
    Why It's Important?
    We're here when you need us, helping you build a sustainable, long-term security strategy.