Data Breach News Monitoring: Proactive Vendor Vigilance for Immediate Action

Stay one step ahead with real-time third party and vendor data breach notifications.

RADAR allows you, not your third party/vendor, to gauge the severity of the incident as soon as it happens. Assisting you to meet your regulatory and contractual commitments, and protect your reputation.

Why Monitor Third Parties/Vendors? 

Collating and analysing data from over 230,000 organisations, as sourced from Security Scorecard and the Cyentia Institute, revealed that 98.3% of these organisations have an existing relationship with, or are associated with, at least one third-party/vendor that has experienced a breach in the past two years.

Expansion of Threat Landscape

As businesses expand, so do their third-party connections, each a potential source of risk.

Reputation at Scale

A breach arising from any third party can harm brand reputation and customer trust, permanently.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure you're as compliant as possible in meeting regulatory and contractual obligations.

Benefits for Your Business

“Compared to the global average, Australia suffered the highest rates of operational compromise and data loss. It proves cyber-security must go far beyond vendor trust.”

- BlackBerry. 2022 Threat Report.

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Proactive Defence

Don't wait for a breach to happen. Stay proactive with our monitoring service.

Data security

Protect Customer Data

Ensure the safety of your customer data by monitoring potential vulnerabilities in your third-party connections.

Brand Integrity-1

Maintain Brand Integrity

A secure brand is a trusted brand. Uphold your business's integrity by minimising third-party risks.

Don't leave your business exposed to third-party risks. Contact us today to learn more about our monitoring service and how it can benefit your business.